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The Lewis Chess Set
 Known as "the outstanding chessmen of the world", these famous inhabitants of The British Museum were found on the Isle of lewis, Scotland, in 1831. Dating from the 12th century, these wonderfully expressive figures were made in either Britain or Scandanavia from walrus ivory. Cast from moulds of the original pieces, these are authentic replicas of the Lewis Chessmen. Both an exact size and miniaturised full set as well as individual pieces are available to purchase.
 Hand-finished resin pieces 5-10cm high Large chess set box size 55x40x8cm
P74270Full size Chess Set with board�5.00
R63900Miniature Chess setWas �0.00 - Now �.00 
R58300Black King�.99
R91460White King�.99
R58310Black Queen�.99
R91480White Queen�.99
R58330Black Knight�.99
R91510White Knight�.99
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Purchase a replica set of the world-famous Lewis Chess Pieces, as seen the film "Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone"
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